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Only tickets holders will gain access to the venues and the various entertainment on offer. The cost paid for the ticket includes wine tasting and access to the venues. Please note: even if you don't drink wine, you still need to pay the access fee as you will still be able to enjoy the other non-wine related activities (live music etc).

Several wineries are offering events and activities that require pre-booking. Please refer to the programmes and book directly with the appropriate winery.


  • Shuttle Services is outsourced and the OmmiBerg organisers take no responsibility for late arrivals, departures or any other claims.
  • Each participating farm at OmmiBerg is responsible for their own events program and the OmmiBerg organisers have no control over their activities.
  • The venues at participating farms has a set capacity and they may according to law reserve right of entrance when this capacity is reached.
  • NO alcohol will be served to individuals under 18 years.

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